Cedar Land Event Center

A state-of-the-art 6,600 square foot facility to meet your large group event needs.

Make the CEDAR LAND EVENT CENTER the site for your next group event.

Cedar Land Event Center

The Cedar Land Event Center is a state of the art banquet and event center located in eastern Greene County. This 6,600 square foot facility is able to comfortably host over 300 of your family and friends and features amenities for your large group event including Weddings, Receptions, Banquets, Seminars, Parties, Corporate Meetings, and other gatherings.

Celebrate your special event or gathering in this state-of-the-art facility, centrally located between Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati.  Our location is perfect for your event needs.

Our facility offers…

and much more!

Make the CEDAR LAND EVENT CENTER the site for your next group event.

Event Center Rules & Policies

This information is offered to provide a high level summary of the rules and regulations of the Cedar Land Event Center.  Your Event Rental Agreement will include these and other terms specific to your event.

Rental Fees
Rental rates are based on a daily rate for areas requested within the Cedar Land Event Center property.  Occupancy for each event will end at 12:00 midnight, unless otherwise stipulated in your Event Rental Agreement. Contact Us Today!
Damages Deposit
In addition to your facility Rental Fee, a refundable security (damages) deposit will be required for every event held at the Cedar Land Event Center.
Rental Deposit
Payment for one-half (1/2) of the rental fee plus 100% of the Damages Deposit will be required to secure the event date(s). The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event.  If an event is scheduled less than 30 days prior to the event, then the entire rental fee plus damage deposit will be due immediately.  Late fees and/or cancellation of your event may be assessed for late payments.
All individuals or groups renting the Cedar Land Event Center are responsible for supplies and setup.  Tables, chairs, sound system, and other provisions will be provided by making arrangements with the Cedar Land Event Center.  All expenses incurred for special permits, etc. required for a specific event are the responsibility of the individual or group renting the facility.
Any cancellation must be made either by written notice, in person, or by certified mail, prior to ninety (90) days before the scheduled event.  Upon proper notification, the full rental deposit and damage deposit will be refunded.  Failure to provide 90 days’ notice will result in a forfeiture of the rental deposit, and the damage deposit shall be refunded in full.
Freestanding decorations are permitted. No tape, nails, screws, tacks, removable tack strips, or other devices shall be used on walls, doors, or any other areas within the event center.  Magnets may be used to attach décor to the rafters.  For weddings and receptions, bubbles or birdseed may be used outside the building.  No rice is permitted.  All candles must be covered by globe and no oil lamps are permitted.  If in doubt of décor, Cedar Land Event Center should be consulted.
DJ’s and live bands are permitted.  Cedar Land Event Center will not be responsible for equipment, electrical cords, etc.  Fog or steamer machines or devices are not permitted.  Musicians will have access to the facility within two hours of the event and are responsible for teardown by the end of occupancy. Music must be kept at a level appropriate for the event and must not cause a nuisance.
The Cedar Land Event Center will provide recommendations on available caterers to fit your event needs.  As a public venue, caterers are required for all food service events, and no carry-in food is permitted.
Alcoholic beverages (defined here as beer and/or wine) are permitted, provided the use of alcohol is acknowledged in the Event Rental Agreement.  Absolutely no hard or other liquor is permitted on the property and the sale of liquor during events is prohibited.  An additional $100 rental fee, an additional $100 refundable damage deposit, and an hourly cost to provide police security during the entire event will be required.  This extra cost for police security during your event will be coordinated by Cedar Land Event Center and is meant to protect both you, as the event holder, and Cedar Land Event Center in the case of alcohol related accidents and incidents during and after your event.
After your event, you will be responsible for restoring the facility to its original condition, including teardown and storage of all tables and chairs, general cleanup of spills and other messes, placement of all trash bags in the dumpster located behind the event center, and other general cleanup as needed.

Caterers and Area Information

When renting the Cedar Land Event Center, you are welcome to choose any licensed caterer to provide food service to your special event.  View a list of caterers and other service providers who are familiar with our location and who can assist in your event needs.


Cedar Land Event Center
200 Parkview Lane • Cedarville, OH 45314

Located within 30 minutes or less from Beavercreek, Fairborn, Springfield, Xenia and surrounding areas.

From the middle of Cedarville (US 42 & SR 72): Take North Main Street south to left on Parkview Lane at the Hearthstone Inn & Suites.

From the North (I-70): On I-70 at Springfield (Exit 54), take SR 72 south to Cedarville and travel through center of town to left on Parkview Lane.

From the South (I-71): On I-71 at Bowersville (Exit 58), take SR 72 north to Cedarville and turn right on Parkview Lane.

From Xenia and Dayton (I-675): On US 35 just east of Xenia, take the Bickett Rd exit north to right on US Route 42. In the middle of Cedarville, turn right onto North Main Street (SR 72) and left on Parkview Lane.

   Parkview Lane is the drivable portion of the public Ohio to Erie Bike Trail located near the south end of the Village of Cedarville.  The Cedar Land Event Center is located at the end of Parkview Lane, across from Community Park.

Contact Us

For rates and reservation options, please contact us at (937) 766-2300.

Cedar Land Event Center
200 Parkview Lane
Cedarville, OH 45314
Ph: 937-766-2300

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